I did not discover the artistic side of me until I was about 36, I decided to go to an art class to see if I could draw. I started drawing like everyone else in the class then came time to paint, I was very fortunate to have a teacher who recognised that my art was in the Naive style. He said, sit in the corner (not literately) and don't listen to anything I tell the class, as he didn't want to change the way I painted. He had always wanted to paint in a naive style but it can’t really be taught. Luckily I had the encouragement and help from a teacher that wasn't going to try and change me. The next few years I was distracted and taught Folk Art, which was all the rage back then. About 10 years later I settled down in the one spot and started to paint seriously. My work has evolved over the years and now I enjoy painting very colourful country landscapes and recently flowers. I am very much influenced by Matisse and David Hockney, love David Hockney! I love the colourful paintings these artists do. Colour is so important to me. I could not imagine my life without it. I now have started hand building ceramics and paint my landscapes and flowers on plates also. Hoping one day to be a full time artist.

Annie Holcombe